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No problem! We offer a secure, private and personalized exchange service via Telegram. Get the human touch, right here in Canada, for all your Bitcoins, Ethereum and Tether/USDT needs.

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Get lower transaction fees in our upcoming exchange app. We're continuously looking ahead at the many ways we can better serve the crypto community; all supercharged by the MRS Token.

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You can buy MRS tokens through Uniswap V2 by swapping ETH.

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What's the price? How is it trading? Show me the giant raise and dip!

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Get to know the MRS Token! Learn the basics, goals and incentives.

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Why should I trust this Token? How was it created? What's the deal?

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No mint function

10M total tokens and new tokens can be created. Ever.

Initial liquidity locked forever

We created the contract and directly put it all on Uniswap. 100% of it.

No pre-sale

We even bought our own MRS from Uniswap like everyone else. Fair and square!

Our wallet locked for 2 years

We bought 20% of the initial liquidity and locked it for 2 years on Team.Finance.

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Need more information about crypto?

Visit the cryptocurrencies section of the Autorité des marchés financiers. The AMF provides up-to-date information; from the technical basics to the many risks associated with crypto. It is highly recommended for the general public to consult and understand these guidelines.

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